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Memphis Jelks


In the heart of Lauderdale County, Tennessee, nestled just a stone's throw away from the vibrant pulse of Memphis, a young dreamer named Jacoby Jelks, known to the world as J-Smoove, began his journey. Ripley, a quaint town where time seemed to slow, held the roots of a talent destined for greatness.
From the earliest days, J-Smoove felt the magnetic pull of music coursing through his veins. With unwavering dedication, he transformed into a maestro of beats, a wizard of production, and a lyrical wordsmith. It was in those transformative moments that Chuck D, the legendary force behind the iconic Public Enemy, bestowed upon him the moniker "Memphis," an honor that would reverberate through the annals of hip hop history.
Under the guiding light of Portra Records, helmed by the visionary Johnny Scott, J-Smoove unleashed sonic creations that would leave listeners spellbound. "Call Me Up" and "The Last Classic" echoed through the streets, igniting a fire that could not be contained. Together with his brothers Kilo Slang and Q-Bol, they forged Ori-G-inO Records, a testament to their unwavering originality.
The underground scene trembled in the wake of J-Smoove's artistry, paving the way to a meteoric rise in the Memphis music scene. It was there, amidst the soulful rhythms and electric energy, that fate's hand would usher him into the realm of Al Kapone, an icon in the city's rap legacy. The stage was set, the crowd eager, and J-Smoove took his place alongside Kapeezy, lending his voice to the symphony of Memphis.
Then, fate played its hand once more, as a chance encounter with Chuck D at the Beale St. Music Festival would forever alter the course of J-Smoove's narrative. Together, they conjured the anthem of the Memphis Grizzlies, "Swamp Ball," a sonic proclamation that echoed through the hallowed halls of the FedEx Forum, rallying fans and players alike during the playoffs of 2015.
Under the mentorship of Chuck D's Spit/Slam Label Group, J-Smoove emerged reborn, gifting the world his self-titled masterpiece, "Memphis Jelks." The notes flowed like a river, carrying with them the spirit of a city that had birthed a legend.
Today, Memphis Jelks stands tall, a beacon of hip hop innovation. Leading the charge with his podcast, "The Memphis Jelks Show," he aspires to bridge worlds and is on a mission to unify, transcending the boundaries of race, religion, and politics.
Heeding Chuck D's wise counsel, Memphis Jelks extends an invitation to the world. Through,, and every streaming platform, his legacy thrives. For, as Chuck D once declared, "If the community doesn't support the arts, then the arts can't support the community." Together, let us champion Memphis Jelks, a force of nature in the ever-evolving tapestry of music.

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